Sue Patrick's Workbox System
Curriculum Alteration Samples

Wondering how to change some portion of your curriculum?  You may send a sample of your curriculum to .  I may end up using yours as a alteration. 

This week (yes, I have many ideas but have been very far behind in posting here).  How to use and re-use Hot Dots--available in my catalog section:     

click here to download file (2/18/2011)

Click here to enter catalog, select "New Learning Tools" to find Hot Dots

This week's download is a writing activity for the emergent or non-reader.  The child can understand it visually and it has an obvious finished point.

Click here to Download (week of 10/11-10/15)

This week's download is for an interactive Powerpoint activity that the child can work on and use for review.

Brown Bear Interactive Powerpoint

Click here to download file (week of 9/27/10)

This week's download is for a Konos group activity.

Click here to Download (week of 9/20/10

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